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“Curreri… reveals a level of songwriting that many his senior have yet to attain.”


We’ve all heard tons of stories of starving musicians who make the near-ultimate sacrifice (starving while pursuing their musical passion) for the craft. Sometimes, we even hear of those who work day jobs and then pursue their musical careers at night and on the weekends. In the case of Bill Curreri, he set his musical Continue reading…

“Son Of An American Dream” reviewed by The Italian Tribune


Singer-songwriter Bill Curreri announces the release of his new album “Son of an American Dream” on September 2, 2014. “Son of an American Dream” is best described as a hybrid of classic rock and contemporary Americana, with elements of pop, R&B and country. The name for the album was inspired by Curreri’s own life, as Continue reading… Gives “Son Of An American” Dream 4 Stars!


By Marcina Zaccaria of Author Rating: 4.0 Stars – Very Good “Son of An American Dream,” is an honest album from Bill Curreri. As the album represents Americana and all of its complication, there are dreams of self-definition, lost love and freedom on this album. Curreri’s songs are well-crafted. He performs with a tight Continue reading…