Son Of An American Dream Reviews

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EXAMINER.COM praises Son of an American Dream! “With each listening the ten tracks get better and require you to reassess which song is your favorite.”


How many people have followed a career path that was chosen for them rather than chosen by them? “You know a father’s schemes and a mother’s dreams can bring a young man down,” sings singer/songwriter Bill Curreri on the title cut from his new album “Son of an American Dream.” Curreri knows of what he Continue reading…

“Every song here is solid. It’s an Americana style that is quite familiar. Yet it’s fresh. …a disc that’s full of strong music.”


Review by G. W. Hill Every song here is solid. It’s in an Americana style that’s quite familiar. Yet, it’s fresh. Comparisons to Tom Petty are probably the most accurate, but this covers a decent amount of territory. Track by Track Review Son of an American Dream This catchy rocker is suitably packed with Americana. Continue reading…

Bill Curreri’s “Son of an American Dream” Is A Bona Fide Crossover Hit


Bill Curreri’s “Son of an American Dream” is currently receiving airplay on both Adult Contemporary and Top 40 radio stations nationwide, cementing the song’s status as a bona fide crossover hit. The single appears on Curreri’s newest album, “Son of an American Dream”, and is dear to the singer’s heart. “Basically, it’s an homage to Continue reading…

“… A Stirring New Voice”


By Mike Greenblatt of Goldmine Magazine… “Son Of An American Dream” by Bill Curreri (self-released) is a rockin’ little record I want my DJ to play. Here’s a New Yorker who was there in 1960s Greenwich Village, witnessed first-hand the folk and folk-rock explosion, was offered a major label deal in his twenties, but turned Continue reading…